Sunday, 25 April 2010

Some Olde refreshing inspiration

For those such as myself, still caught in awe by the skill; diverse colour, timing, sense of depth and general awesomeness here's some classic Gobelin' favourites for your enjoyment/inspiration.

Friday, 23 April 2010


A cool games trailer which could be inspirational.

Andy's Ideas

Nice ideas Andy. I think the sky chase is an awesome, but I think I prefer the idea with the jealous previous project. Could work and be quite neat. As you have illustrated we might not need leg animation for the creator, just him sitting down immersed on his latest project, fidgeting and recoiling at the annoying robotic arm behind him or something along those lines.

Awesome Animation Shorts

Nice videos you found there Fahran I especially like the first animation. Its sweet yet well executed with effective lighting.
Nice ideas Andy, the sky idea is awesome (already picturing it in my head).

i am robot

so this idea is of an inventor, tony stark style, who is working on a new project but the old project is getting jealous and keeps interrupting him and trying to get his attention, very disruptive yet very playful

Thursday, 22 April 2010


hey guys, nice vids fahran i had an idea of a guy in a flying contraption with a small supporting character as they fly around trying to catch birds with a hand net, which would then be put in cages that would hang from the vehicle. the bloke scrapes to make enough money to live but loves the sky and his pet(supporting character). anyway they are failing to catch anything but then there is a beastly roar and our characters make haste to get out of the way of a behemoth of a flying giant. which the guy decides will make him a lot of money, so they throw away the net pull a lever to unfold some bitching wings on the vehicle and possible engines as well. then the chase ensues. sky chase - has to have close encounters with the beasts tail nearly destroying the vehicle, also the companion will fall and need to be rescued mid fall. gets to the point where our lead has jumped from the his vehicle on to the back of the beast and is holding on for life. all he has is a rope and a knife--- manages to climb his way to the beasts head. is ready to plunge the knife into its head but cannot do it as he sees the look in the behemoths eye. the beast seeing its chance rolls and knocks the lead off of its back and he plunges to his death -- it is a really long way to fall so perhaps the guy can enjoy falling as he feels like he is flying - fade to black...

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

More short films.

Hey guys, found some more stuff you might wanna check out:

these two have more of a story to them :

and these are more abstract:

Round 6 Short film

Sent this to u guys already but meh, just incase :

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

List Ideas

We should keep a list of ideas that we come up with too.

New Ideas

Anybody had any new ideas?


Well I haven't had any ideas so far regarding 3rd year animation ideas which have any weight, other than the Salt Lake and Post World War City Child ideas.

Need to look for additional inspiration. I shall be looking at paintings, photographs, feature and short movies/ animations and music for inspiration.
lol! Yes CAPS Indeed! =O

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Lets do this shiz

COME ON PPL, LETS DO THIS SHIZZLE *capslock is needed for extra boost*