Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Quoting Chris

I don't particularly like this idea. I don't think it will entitle us to have a nice environment... everything will be sort of neutral lighting and it would be hard to have a situation like this convince people in a 2-3 min short.

I had an idea for a pixaresque short of a guy in an office having trouble with poorly behaving technology, just a thought. It has been done before yes, I believe Kofi has done something similar in the past, but it may be quite amusing to animate, plus there is plenty of opportunity for animation .... looking in Tom's direction. =P

Quoting Fahran

Quoting Fahran:

I personally would go with 1 film made well.

The only problem is we might not be allowed to be in a group of 8 and work on 1 film. One thing we already know if we wouldn't want to be split up to work with other people so there's a bit of a problem there.

I'd say for the summer,definitely initial ideas, storyboards and animatic as well can be done and maybe start on the modeling. texturing i think will be too ambitious to have done by the end of the month. We don't want to do too much and not have the tutors disagree with it.

So at least everything at least done that we can pitch with should be great and done by then.

Also, once we've set up a final choice of animation we'd work on for the third year, i'd like to buy a domain and hosting to have our site and have a personal blog on our server. This will make things professional and give us the serious, must finish feeling.

It'd be awesome, rather than having to have a stupid blogger or wordpress, we can have it all on one domain.

it would be best to meet up during the summer or at least have a skype group conference to discuss each persons role and tasks.


Tuesday, 15 June 2010


I definitely agree whatever we choose to do, the pre production should be done before we return, and dont worry about if the idea wont get selected, that shouldnt be the case if we have a very strong idea which we have developed well. By pre-produc I mean we should have storyboards done, animatic, models textured and ready to be rigged/animated.
About the groups, I personally am not sure if we can pull off two films. It just seems very unlikely. Also concerning Tom's idea about having two films and two groups, surely then its basically two individual films being made by two different groups. There is no point in 1 major group split into two, working on diff films, it should be two totally grps?
As for ideas I am open to anything, seriously I dont want to do hyper real, I am happy with stylised/cartoony, etc. I just want a solid idea and story, so we can get rolling.
I met up with Clym today, and we just had a very quick brainstorming session, were both kinda leaning to working on just 1 film atm, coz the pressure of two might just be too much.

So yea, your thoughts please guys..

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

An idea, but not a story idea... yet.

Hey guys! Hope you're all having a good summer so far!

I have a few little ideas of how I believe we should play this.

Firstly I still feel having 2 films is what will truly make us stand out, now when I say 2 films what I really mean is having 2 separate groups that could (if you choose to) help out on the other film.

5 people per team, so 10 in total.

I know we're only 8 atm, but we could introduce two others!

1 "epic" film, and 1 "cartoony" film.

I will be coming up with several ideas in the coming weeks, which I will speak with you lot and also Dan Dalli (the tutors are the ones who choose the films, it'd be best to speak with them).

I'd personally LOVE to direct the "cartoony" piece.

I was considering about 2-3 minutes long, technically brilliant, but visually very appealing.

Now this may be a crazy idea, but I'd personally love to get the pre-production done by the end of the summer (perhaps some modeling too!). That'd leave A LOT of time on the animation, the texturing (think How To Train Your Dragon), and the lighting and rendering.

So who's with me?