Wednesday, 9 June 2010

An idea, but not a story idea... yet.

Hey guys! Hope you're all having a good summer so far!

I have a few little ideas of how I believe we should play this.

Firstly I still feel having 2 films is what will truly make us stand out, now when I say 2 films what I really mean is having 2 separate groups that could (if you choose to) help out on the other film.

5 people per team, so 10 in total.

I know we're only 8 atm, but we could introduce two others!

1 "epic" film, and 1 "cartoony" film.

I will be coming up with several ideas in the coming weeks, which I will speak with you lot and also Dan Dalli (the tutors are the ones who choose the films, it'd be best to speak with them).

I'd personally LOVE to direct the "cartoony" piece.

I was considering about 2-3 minutes long, technically brilliant, but visually very appealing.

Now this may be a crazy idea, but I'd personally love to get the pre-production done by the end of the summer (perhaps some modeling too!). That'd leave A LOT of time on the animation, the texturing (think How To Train Your Dragon), and the lighting and rendering.

So who's with me?

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